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About Us

The driving force behind Pommiebasher is a bloke by the name of Peter Hanlon. Believe it or not, he was born a Pom. Peter has been happily stranded in the lucky country since 2005. The nail-biting 2005 Ashes series sparked a fascination with the vibrancy of the competitive tradition between Aussies and the English. Peter came to enjoy arriving at the office each morning to a chorus of sporting commentary and humorous sledges from his Aussie colleagues. It didn’t take long for Peter to realise that cricket was not unique in this respect—the light-hearted rivalry between the two great countries extends across all sporting arenas, and beyond. Aussies love the banter and bashin’ on Poms, regardless of the game. Peter set on a journey of cultural discovery that led to the development of the Pommiebasher brand: a fun celebration of the history, rivalry and mutual respect. At its heart, the Pommiebasher identity is an homage to an authentic heritage, a celebration of vintage Australiana and a dedication to tradition. We love the Pommiebasher spirit, and we’re making sure it is set to prosper, well into the future. With support from his creative team, Peter is pleased to complete his journey with the launch of the Pommiebasher website and the Pommiebasher Collection. Everyone at Pommiebasher is looking forward to the opportunity of generating positive buzz for some great causes and to open the conversation up to the community.

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