WIN Pommiebasher Swag with Fantasy Cricket!

Win Pommiebasher Swag with Fantasy Cricket!

Photo by Nic Redhead, used under a Creative Commons licence.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is here.
To be a part of it, join Pommiebasher’s International—a fantasy cricket league set up through the ICC’s online portal.
It’s free. C’mon, get in.
Yeah, we got prizes. Win the Pommiebasher’s International and you’ll bag some bonza Pommiebasher swag. Not to mention the ability to hang some right-royal sh!t on your mates!

How to enter
It’s a piece of piss:

  1. Go to
  2. Create your team
  3. Join League 20476 – it’s called the Pommiebasher’s International
  4. Use Facebook or Twitter to let us know your  ICC ‘manager’ name and the name of the team that you’re entering in the Pommiebasher’s International. There are two ways you can do it:
    1. ‘Write a comment’ on this Facebook post
    2. ‘Reply to @pommiebasher’ via this tweet on Twitter.

Either way, be sure that it clearly tells us your ICC ‘manager’ name, as well as the name of your team.*

The rules of the Pommiebasher International are to use the ICC fantasy cricket site responsibly, and to try to top our league by doing it.
You can pick any player from any cricketing World Cup team, but here’s some sage words: avoid the Poms. We reckon they ain’t got a chance. That’s why the Pommiebasher flagship team—the Trickett XI—will categorically never include anyone from the English cricket team.

Winners and Prizes
To be eligible for Pommiebasher prizes, participants must have completed Step 4 of the How toenter process described above. Yep, tell us which team is yours via Facebook or Twitter, because that’s how we’ll be identifying participants and contacting winners.
Winners will be identified from the official Pommiebasher’s International leaderboard on the website at the close of the World Cup.

  • First place receives a limited edition Pommiebasher polo shirt + a bonus Pommiebasher t-shirt
  • Second gets a polo shirt, too
  • Third place, you better bet that’s a polo shirt.

If you’ve never seen one before, take a gander at the Pommiebasher collection:
Of course, the umpire’s decision is final, and we’ll play ump on this one. We probably won’t enter into any correspondence about it, unless we think it’s good for a laugh.
Our Trickett XI, ain’t eligible for Pommiebasher prizes. So have no fear, we ain’t gonna rig it. You can still try to beat us for bragging rights though. Crikey, we’ll rub it in something shocking if we get the chance.

That’s about it

So, raise a cheer, maybe a beer, and celebrate the sporting taste of rivalry by getting in the thick of it.

Good luck mates!

* To be eligible for a Pommiebasher prize, submit your username and team name via the Twitter and/or Facebook entries linked above, prior to the commencement of the Australia versus Sri Lanka cricket clash, Match 32 of the 2015 World Cup – that’s 2:30pm on SUNDAY MARCH 9th 2015Sydney Cricket Ground time.
If you experience any issues with the site, feel free to let the ICC know. Once you’re on their site, you’re out of our hair. It ain’t ours so we can’t do sh!t about it. We don’t touch sheep in the other farmer’s paddock – we’re not allowed to and we don’t want to. If you want to lift it’s wooly tail, that’s your business. They’re a pretty cluey mob, so we don’t expect there will be any bother, but hey, who knows. While we can’t take any action nor responsibility for it, we reckon it’s generally best to register early for these sorts of things – that way if anything goes south, someone (not us) might fix it before it becomes a problem.
‡ Because our league runs on the ICC’s fantasy cricket site, chances are you’ll also be eligible for the prizes they’re offering, but that’s got nothing to do with us. Sure, you can tell us about it, but it’ll be like water off a duck’s back. We’re only in it for the Pommiebasher’s International.