Follow the Juggernaut: The Ashes Countdown


Australia Win Cricket World Cup

Check out Hadds’ duck face. Take that, twelvies.

The Cricket World Cup is won and done.
Our lads were brilliant, NZ and SA offered up an all-time classic, India fought till the end and the poms were astoundingly atrocious.
Couldn’t have gone better!   

It’s been a bloody great season to be a Pommiebasher. We’ve had a ball, and we know a lot of y’all have too.
A true blue CHEERS to every PBer’s who tweeted, jeered, bleated and beered along with us.

It’s the end of a chapter—a classic culmination…
…but the Aussie juggernaut rolls on. Yeah, there’s a tour of the West Indies coming up, but that’s neither here nor there. The next BIG event is in July, and it’s a bloody huge one—THE ASHES 2015.

Pommiebasher is already counting down to the first ball in Cardiff:


Poms wish it was later, but we’re as keen as mustard.

So, follow the Aussies as they flaunt their little urn on the old foe’s home turf.
Follow @pommiebasher or like us at We’ll give you a ‘hoy’ when you need to pay attention. Heck, if you let us, we’ll drag you right in to the thick of it as we sledge our way towards another historic stoush with the old foe.

So… Stock up. Stay up. Watch the poms fmuck up