Oh Willy’s Boys

When Irish eyes are smiling
they steal your heart away.
With form like this
they’re right on course
to blow the poms away.


Remember when Chris Woakes said that the Poms victory over the Windies gave them cause for confidence?
To that, we replied that it would only be cause for confidence if England considered themselves one of the minnow teams.

Well, we’ve since been proven right. More importantly, Woakes has been proven wrong. Very wrong, as the Aussies belted the Poms into submission, led by fast and furious Finch and a marvellous Marsh.

Now, following from Woakes’ earlier comments, it seems that the Irishmen have genuine cause for confidence. Considered by some to be a part of the disposable cricketing minnows, the Irish similarly dispensed with the Windies. Thankfully, the Irish wisely held back from claiming that this gives them the self-belief they need to rock the Aussie boat.


We’re backing them guys from Ireland to hand the poms a thrashing in the quarter finals…


Yes: we rotated the background on the graphic that we used for India beating the Poms, because convenient.