Ian the Young

Yesterday, this dapper bloke passed away.

Ian David Craig

Australia’s youngest ever test cricketer, Ian Craig debuted at age 16 in 1953. Immediately labelled ‘The New Bradman’, he recovered from the media pressures to become the youngest ever captain of the Aussie team in 1958.

Sure, he never became The Don, but he was and will forever be Ian the Young.

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Pommiebasher Spirit—Part 2: Thommo, ‘basher-in-chief

It’s not all fiery, take-no-prisoners competition between Aussies and
Poms. Every now and then we like to share a little Commonwealth spirit.

On the eve of the 2010 tour, Aussie legend Jeff Thomson let slip a little
Pommie love, much to the contrast of his usual perspective as

‘The fact is the Poms are more disciplined, their bowlers are better…I
believe their bowlers bowl tighter than our blokes and we don’t have
the patience that they do. They’re just better organised than we are…
[England coach] Andy Flower is a mate of mine, he’s a very smart guy
and a tough bloke…He would have Australia worked out. He’s a great
thinker and he’d be passing that on to the players.’

Of course, this is also the same bloke who once said:

’I enjoy hitting a batsman more than getting him out. It doesn’t worry
me in the least to see a batsman hurt, rolling around screaming and
blood on the pitch.’

So, maybe take whatever Thommo says with a rather large handful of

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Pommiebasher Spirit—Part 1: Boonie (and Jack)

There are many reasons David Boon epitomises the Pommiebasher spirit.
Here’s three for starters:

  • three centuries in consecutive tests against the Poms, in England
  • an evident love of beer
  • one magnificent moustache.

He’s also clearly got a sensitive side.

Few know that it was a Pom—former Lancashire journeyman Jack
Simmons—that gave Boonie his big start. Simmons spotted Boonie as a
little tacker in Tassie, guided him to his first-class debut as a teen, and
championed him as a young man for the Aussie Test side.

Of course we all know that Boonie went on to Pommiebashing glory.
Crikey, he became one of the most iconic cricketers in modern history.

And Boonie always remembered the part Simmons played in getting him
there. So much so that when his son was born, he named the lad Jack—
after his old mentor. D’awwwwwwwww.

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