Special Offer! $30 Slab Pommiebasher Pale Ale + 2 FREE Stubby Holders

Calling all Over-18 Melbourne-based Pommiebashers:
$30 Slab Pommiebasher Pale Ale + 2 FREE Stubby Holders!



Summer’s here, the Windies have arrived and parched Aussie mouths are moving into frosties overdrive.
There’s no better way to celebrate a summer of sporting rivalry than with a slab of Special Edition Pommiebasher ‘Ned Trickett’ Pale Ale, only $30 per case + 2 FREE stubbie holders.

You better be quick to crease—offer only while supplies last!

Contact peter@pommiebasher.com to claim your case!

Pick up in Collingwood.


Limited Edition – Pommiebasher ‘Ned Trickett’ Pale Ale

A golden pale ale that exhibits a delicious biscuity malt character, balanced with beautiful floral and citrus hop notes.

Contact: peter@pommiebasher.com