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Follow the Juggernaut: The Ashes Countdown


Australia Win Cricket World Cup

Check out Hadds’ duck face. Take that, twelvies.

The Cricket World Cup is won and done.
Our lads were brilliant, NZ and SA offered up an all-time classic, India fought till the end and the poms were astoundingly atrocious.
Couldn’t have gone better!   

It’s been a bloody great season to be a Pommiebasher. We’ve had a ball, and we know a lot of y’all have too.
A true blue CHEERS to every PBer’s who tweeted, jeered, bleated and beered along with us.

It’s the end of a chapter—a classic culmination…
…but the Aussie juggernaut rolls on. Yeah, there’s a tour of the West Indies coming up, but that’s neither here nor there. The next BIG event is in July, and it’s a bloody huge one—THE ASHES 2015.

Pommiebasher is already counting down to the first ball in Cardiff:


Poms wish it was later, but we’re as keen as mustard.

So, follow the Aussies as they flaunt their little urn on the old foe’s home turf.
Follow @pommiebasher or like us at facebook.com/pommiebasher. We’ll give you a ‘hoy’ when you need to pay attention. Heck, if you let us, we’ll drag you right in to the thick of it as we sledge our way towards another historic stoush with the old foe.

So… Stock up. Stay up. Watch the poms fmuck up

A Glorious Summer of Sledge

As we stand facing the pointiest end of this bloody great season of cricket, each match really is bigger than the last.

Today’s SCG showdown pits two great Pommiebashing nations against each other. Both the Aussies and the Indians have been fiery all summer. Impassioned players have been bantering on and off the ground. Sure, the officials have occasionally questioned whether it’s all been appropriate, but we reckon it’s been a big and brilliant display of the feisty spirit of the game. It truly has been a glorious summer of sledge.

No, not this Sledge. The other one.

Australia versus India has been a showpiece of the season, ever since the Test series a few months back. It’s ended up as a genuine rivalry, with Indian fans slinging insults from afar and Aussie openers mouthing-off up close. Shane Watson being a Watto. It’s as if the fact that the Poms were playing so ridiculously poorly, that we all needed a new rivalry. (Man, those Poms really never looked any good, did they… I mean, just terrible. Hopeless. See you in July.)

The Aussies dominated the Indians in the Tests, but we all felt that the sub-continental contingent were under-performing. They had more in the tank. When were they gonna put the foot to the floor?

Well, they’ve since found their momentum in the World Cup – and what better time?

It all comes to a head today. There is pressure, but there is also glory. Oh, and then there is Karl Stefanovic.

I know you are, but what am I?

Have no doubt, the Indians are in this. Their heads are in it. Their spirits are in it. Their fans are freaking mad for it. The Swami Army are taking up 70% of the seats at the SCG. They’ll probably be making 90% of the noise – at least until the Aussie lads do something to take their breath away.

A lot has been made over the last couple of days, of the great sportsmanship on display during the gripping first semifinal between New Zealand and South Africa. Expect nothing less today. Sure, it’ll be expressed differently, because these teams have some real different, genuinely entertaining personalities. Expect fire and fury.

Hotter than Mum's Curry

Going in, or squirting out? [Photo by Matt G Dawson, used under Creative Commons licence]

As much as both sides are going all out for the win, both will feel that this game is a genuine challenge in and of itself.

The winner will move on to the MCG to take on a steamrolling Kiwi team. The loser will retreat for some reflection, taking consolation in the knowledge that they’ve shown world-class strength and determination all the way.

Besides, we are all Pommiebashers. We are family.

Pakistani Nadeem: Honorary Pommiebasher

Today’s quarter final against Pakistan is the Aussies’ first genuine World Cup outing since the poms left the country. Of course, @KP24 is still here to provide his punditry, but he’s really a saffer so it hardly counts.

Speaking of Pakistanis and pundits, who remembers Nadeem Abbasi?

He was a professional batsman who made a shallow mark in Pakistan’s middle-to-lower order during their 1989 test series versus India. Making it to the crease twice in three matches and averaging a bit over twenty, the stats show that his was far from the worst international cricketing career, but it wasn’t stellar either. Hey, he took 6 catches, so that’s something.

[As far as debutantes from the 1989 Pakistan V India test series go, you’re more likely to remember this guy]

Still, it’s been proven time and again that one does not need a stellar record on the pitch to find some semblance of success in the media.

James Brayshaw

JB: Some semblance of off-pitch success

So, it’s hardly a surprise that someone with as little international exposure as  Nadeem Abbasi found his niche. I hear you asking, ‘What fine outlet has given this journeyman cricketer a second chance at fame?’ Has he been appointed as a weekly columnist as the Quetta Chronicle? A guest blogger for Karachi Kricket Altyrnative.


The media minnow that was desperate to leverage Nadeem Abbasi’s cricket profile: BBC World.

Nadeem Alam posing as Nadeem Abbasi

BBC World: perspectives you can trust

But that’s not why we’re granting the bloke honorary pommiebasher status. Nah, it takes more than that.
What impressed us most was that the bloke who the BBC repeatedly called upon to pass comment on Pakistan’s World Cup progress was not Abbasi at all. He’s was just some geezer. An everyday geezer that BBC paid money to so that they could beam his everyday opinions and sorta-handsome lying gob right around the globe.

In actual fact, the man the BBC was paying as a pundit was a chap from Huddersfield whose first name happened to be Nadeem. That’s close enough, right? His main claim to cricketing fame was probably that time he made a joke on twitter that might have got favourited by @philtufnell. Lucky for him, he had some Asian heritage, he responded to the correct first name, and he possessed a knowledge of players who everyone else forgot 26 years ago.

And so, the dodgy Huddersfield homeboy concocted a way to satisfy his hankering for big broadcaster paychecks.

Abbasi has since had a bash at the BBC for letting the trickster get away with it.

Here’s a robotic report on the whole deal:

[Hmm. Is it weird that the voice-over turns me on a bit?]

So, on a day when Mitchell Starc is ready to crack some Pakistani pegs, we thought we’d give one sort-of Pakistani a nod for his brilliant sporting achievements. Nadeem Whateveryourname, congratulations mate. You’re a Pommiebasher too.

Oh Willy’s Boys

When Irish eyes are smiling
they steal your heart away.
With form like this
they’re right on course
to blow the poms away.


Remember when Chris Woakes said that the Poms victory over the Windies gave them cause for confidence?
To that, we replied that it would only be cause for confidence if England considered themselves one of the minnow teams.

Well, we’ve since been proven right. More importantly, Woakes has been proven wrong. Very wrong, as the Aussies belted the Poms into submission, led by fast and furious Finch and a marvellous Marsh.

Now, following from Woakes’ earlier comments, it seems that the Irishmen have genuine cause for confidence. Considered by some to be a part of the disposable cricketing minnows, the Irish similarly dispensed with the Windies. Thankfully, the Irish wisely held back from claiming that this gives them the self-belief they need to rock the Aussie boat.


We’re backing them guys from Ireland to hand the poms a thrashing in the quarter finals…


Yes: we rotated the background on the graphic that we used for India beating the Poms, because convenient.

WIN Pommiebasher Swag with Fantasy Cricket!

Win Pommiebasher Swag with Fantasy Cricket!

Photo by Nic Redhead, used under a Creative Commons licence.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is here.
To be a part of it, join Pommiebasher’s International—a fantasy cricket league set up through the ICC’s online portal.
It’s free. C’mon, get in.
Yeah, we got prizes. Win the Pommiebasher’s International and you’ll bag some bonza Pommiebasher swag. Not to mention the ability to hang some right-royal sh!t on your mates!

How to enter
It’s a piece of piss:

  1. Go to https://fantasy.icc-cricket.com/
  2. Create your team
  3. Join League 20476 – it’s called the Pommiebasher’s International
  4. Use Facebook or Twitter to let us know your  ICC ‘manager’ name and the name of the team that you’re entering in the Pommiebasher’s International. There are two ways you can do it:
    1. ‘Write a comment’ on this Facebook post
    2. ‘Reply to @pommiebasher’ via this tweet on Twitter.

Either way, be sure that it clearly tells us your ICC ‘manager’ name, as well as the name of your team.*

The rules of the Pommiebasher International are to use the ICC fantasy cricket site responsibly, and to try to top our league by doing it.
You can pick any player from any cricketing World Cup team, but here’s some sage words: avoid the Poms. We reckon they ain’t got a chance. That’s why the Pommiebasher flagship team—the Trickett XI—will categorically never include anyone from the English cricket team.

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Woakes weckons he’s got weason to waise England’s weak confidence…

Woah! Pommie Woakes reckons that a victory over the 8th most fancied ODI team (West Indies) is a good reason to be feeling confidentFair suck of the sauce bottle, CW.

Sure, the Windies once were giants, but now they sit just above:

  • Bangladesh
  • Ireland
  • Zimbabwe
  • Afghanistan
  • Scotland
  • United Arab Emirates.

SO, Senor Woakes, if you’re comfy having England considered as a similarly powerful cricketing nation to that fine lot, then you can be darn proud of your victory over the West Indies. If not, pffffft.

Let’s see how you feel in 4 DAYS when AUSvENG in the ICC WORLD CUP 2015…

India versus England

Today India faces England in the ODI Tri-Series trying to secure a showdown with the mighty Aussies.

We know who we’re cheering for.

Indian = Pommiebasher

United in our Pommiebashing ways.