A rivalry worth watching

Aussies vs Poms: inside and outside the sporting arena,
it's one of the true blue rivalries left in this mad world.

These days, we half expect that we should hand the
Poms their hides at just about any game,
but it wasn’t always so.


And bugger me if it wasn’t a beaut.



Pommiebasher Collection:
Join in, fly the flag, wear the clobber

The Pommiebasher Shop has some exclusive limited-edition items of sportswear You can take your pick of:

• Tee - A Pommiebasher will always give a mate the shirt off their back—as long as it’s not one of these little beauties.

• Polo top - For the members area, or the back deck.

• Rugby shirt - Tough, handsome and not afraid of a little hard yakka - true Pommiebasher style.

• Fleece - The only thing that should be cold around here is the beer, mate.

• Stubbie holders - It’s either this or borrow the keeper’s gloves.

For Pommiebashers over 18 in compliance with our Responsible Service of Alcohol policies:

• Pommiebasher Ned Trickett Pale Ale - a flavourful, limited edition craft ale to celebrate the Aussies taking it to the Poms over the sporting summer

• Pommiebasher Cabernet Merlot - a bonzer vintage that drinks beautifully and resonates with Aussie sporting tradition off the field



For group orders, we gladly customise items from the Pommiebasher Collection. If you want a commemorative team sports shirts - for a tour or a tournament - just let us know.

More to come...

Just around the bend, we’re expecting to have a bunch more stuff in the shed: Sports accessories, gift vouchers and even and some cheeky beverages to help you celebrate in Pommiebasher style. Don’t be a stranger. Drop by often and stay up to date.

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We’re all Pommiebashers:
Proudly celebrating sporting rivalry and comradeship on the battlefield

Proudly celebrating sporting rivalry and comradeship on the battlefield

It may be said that we Pommiebashers yap a bloody blue streak now and then. Sometimes we might even get a bit carried away—especially after a few coldies. But when it comes to the importance of our shared history and heritage with the old Pommie rival, we’re always as sober as a judge.

Aussies and Poms have long been rivals on the sports field, but we’ve also been comrades on the battlefield—and we know our fellow Pommiebashers would want that honoured and preserved.

We’re not at liberty to let the details slip just yet, but we’re putting in hard yards to secure a little ripper of a deal that will see 10% of all revenues from Pommiebasher products put towards protecting that history.  

No mucking about, no complicated calculations. You spend 100? 10 will go to preserving the mateship we share with our comrades in arms.


Stay tuned to find out how!


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